Leading Cause of Tooth Loss?

I pretty much make a habit of watching CBS Sunday morning every week at the

McGee abode. I love the mix of stories and how they delve into the topics a little deeper than the typical news entertainment show.

This weekend was no exception, and with it being Halloween and all, they had a correspondingly creepy mix of stories this week. So how does this relate to teeth, losing teeth,  and or the dentist, you ask?

Dreams. Specifically nightmares. They did a story on nightmares, how many of us have them, and what they might mean. Turns out, one of the most common nightmares concerns losing one’s teeth. Yeah. But it’s not what you might think. Apparently when you dream about losing your teeth it’s not by the traditional means like gum disease, cavities, and fractures, but in your dreams they just come out.

Now, I can tell you a lot about losing your teeth while you are awake, but once your tooth issues start invading your dreams, I’m out of my league. I checked into it though, and it turns out that a dream in which you lose your teeth may have some meaning behind it.

Things such as fear of growing old, fear of change, fear of powerlessness, financial instability, and missing your 6 month check up (ok, I made that one up) may be manifested in a dream of losing your teeth. Here is an article about these fears and this toothy dream.

Turns out that teeth made the top 10 list of popular dreams right up there with celebrity, food, flying, and sex! Who knew?

Anyway, if you live in the Nashville area and want to know more about how NOT to lose your teeth during waking hours, I’m your dentist. If you’re dreaming of losing your teeth, not so much.

In case you are interested (and hopefully you are by now) in this story I saw about dreams/nightmares, watch it right here…

For more information on preventing tooth loss check us out online at www.MusicCitySmiles.com or call us at 615.298.2385





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