Out With The Old, In With The New…

It’s a new year, and everyone has resolutions to make changes in their lives. Teeth are no exception in the whole make-changes-for-the-better thing. They need a makeover too! Here’s a few teeth that recently achieved their New Year’s Resolution by getting a makeover. We removed the old silver/mercury amalgam fillings and replaced them with white composite resin fillings. The old fillings were no longer sealing the tooth and they were leaking all kinds of bad stuff underneath them. Yuck.

The before. Teeth full of silver fillings


... and the after. Ta-Da!

I think it is worth noting that these fillings were replaced before the teeth started hurting. This is important because teeth may feel fine even though they need some attention. Typically teeth don’t hurt until there is some sort of damage to the pulp tissue on the inside of the tooth. The pulp tissue is where the nerve lives, and if it is damaged we are talkin’ root canal or removal of the tooth. Boo.

So take care of those teeth before they hurt!!

If you live in the Nashville area and have questions about teeth or if you want to develop a plan for a New Year’s Tooth Resolution, please give our NAshville dental office a call at 615-298-2385 . We are also on the web at www.MusicCitySmiles.com .


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