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Happy Late Thanksgiving… Why Your Teeth Are Thankful

Hi. Welcome back. How was your Thanksgiving? I got to travel to Memphis to stuff my piehole and hang out with family. We also saw the movie “Tangled” and had dinner at a place that used to be a beauty parlor. The hair dryers were still there. True story.

Did you think about your teeth on this day that celebrates chewing? Of course you didn’t, that’s what you have me for. And I did think about your teeth and all that you may have put them through. But his time I have good news. I stumbled on a report that tells of research that shows that some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods may actually help prevent tooth decay.

This little dude actually lives in your mouth!!

First the bad news. While you are feasting away on Thanksgiving, millions of little friends living in your mouth are feasting too. They are called bacteria, and they cause cavities in your teeth. So while you were watching football after a belt-loosening meal, the bacteria in your mouth were just getting started on their feast.

The real meanie in this group of microscopic gluttons is known as Streptococcus mutans. This bad boy is responsible for most of those bits of silver in your mouth. Ole’ S. Mutans takes the food you eat and turns it into acid which destroys the enamel of your teeth.

Pass the cranberry sauce please, because this Thanksgiving staple can help prevent damage to your teeth. Researchers have found that compounds in cranberries can actually help prevent our leetle friend S. Mutans from producing acid. Nice. So basically the glob of molded red gelatin can be our ally in the fight against tooth decay.

Take That! you cavity-causing bacteria.

But wait! There’s more. Sit down and pour yourself another glass of red wine because this magic elixir also helps in the fight against S. Mutans and cavities. See red wine contains alcohol, so the bacteria just get drunk and fall asleep on the couch. No wait. That must have been me. Actually the red wine helps because it reduces the amount of acid that S. Mutans produces. So you get tipsy and fight tooth decay. It’s a win-win.

Nashville dentist Dr. Matt McGee fighting cavities!!


Well, dear readers, betcha didn’t know all that. So what have we learned? The main bacteria that causes cavities goes by the moniker Streptococcus mutans. Cranberry sauce and red wine help to combat cavities. An that Nashville dentist Dr. Matt McGee enjoys said red wine and napping.

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The 70’s Called, They Want You to Take Better Care of Your Teeth

If you grew up in the 70’s or early 80’s you should remember these. I’m always on the lookout for great ways to communicate dental health to patients, and I think that these videos are great!!

This first one had me rolling on the floor. Who knew that the germs that cause cavities sound just like Louis Armstrong?!

Check out the yuck mouth video here…

And in this one an animated Danny Zuko tells us to exercise our teeth. O…. K.

Finally, a talking, hat-wearing Pac Man gives us oral hygiene instructions

Man, the last time I heard those I was sitting in a den covered in shag carpet in my Star Wars Pj’s.

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You Wouldn’t Wax A Dirty Car Would You… AKA Let’s Do First Things First

I took my car to get washed today. It’s dirty. In fact, it’s pretty nasty. I took it to White Bridge Car Wash here in Nashville.

I got the #3 deal which included hot wax because I want my ride to look good rollin’ down the street. At this particular car wash, you get to watch your car get cleaned as it slowly rolls through the automatic cleaner. First, actually human beings really scrub off the large particles (in the case of my car it was the LARGE amounts of guano on the hood.) Next is the soap, and finally the hot wax. Makes it shine baby!!

I was watching the spiny brushes go round and round and kinda got zoned out and went into sort of a trance. I began to think of how car care is like tooth care. I could almost envision an auto tooth wash where mouths slowly move through a machine that makes their molars and incisors spic and span.

Then it hit me. I had an oral epiphany…

You don’t wax a dirty car.

You. Don’t. Wax. A. Dirty. Car.

“What?” you’re saying. “Excuse me? He’s lost it.”

No really. Here’s what it means… you can’t get shiny teeth until they are clean first. Ya gotta get the guano off first.

Why do I say that you ask. It’s because we see people all the time who want a white smile, but are not quite ready. There’s plaque and tartar build up all over their teeth. Yet they want a bright smile. They want to put wax on their dirty car.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures out there, but I bet that most people don’t think about getting their teeth ready for the process. You don’t want to bleach the tartar, you want to bleach the teeth. You don’t want to wax the grime, you want to wax the car. That’s why the wax is applied at the end of the car wash tunnel of love. That’s why you gotta get your teeth cleaned prior to bleaching your teeth.

So if you are considering teeth whitening, please make an appointment to get a dental cleaning, your smile will be whiter, and your teeth will thanks you for it. And if you live in Nashville, give us a call, we’ll get you all cleaned and shiny and ready to whiten.

Oh and here’s my clean shiny car…

Confession Time…

Just because I’m a dentist, doesn’t mean I enjoy flossing any more than the rest of yous. Ever feel like this?

I do. There’s my confession. I feel better.

How ’bout you?

Can You Guess the Celebrity Smile?

The Country Music Association awards are tonight in Nashville. This is a pretty big deal here in Music City and around the country. Get it… country. Anyhoo, there will be tons of celebrities strutting downtown dressed to impress in their finest attire and accessories.

As a Nashville dentist, I of course think that their most important accessory is their smile. So while most of you will be watching to see the dresses and the shoes, I’ll be checking out the grills for symmetry and the whitest whites. Maybe some of them out there have been to a cosmetic dentist to have a little, ahem… enhancement.

Ok, so I’m gonna give you all a little quiz to help you prepare to analyze smiles on the red carpet. I’m going to show you a smile, and you have to tell me which celebrity it belongs to. You can decide if they’ve had a little cosmetic dentistry to help them shine up on the stage…


The rest of your quiz can be found here…

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So how’d you do on the quiz? What makes a great smile and do you think it is the ultimate accessory?

I’ll Have a Glass of Battery Acid and Pack of Duracells… AKA Why My Teeth Have All These Holes

Man, I used to love candy as a kid. I still do. If anyone has a Reeses , please bring it to me. Now.

Alas, being a dentist, I have learned of the ills of candy and other sugary nuggets of goodness that will cause the untimely demise of your pearly whites. Not only is sugar a tooth destroyer, but more sneaky is it’s taste-bud affecting counter-part… sour.

“What gives? So you’re tellin’ me that sour stuff is bad for your teeth too.” Sorry. Yeah. I have a note with charts and graphs to show you too. I’m not tryin’ to spoil your snacking fun, but I just want you to know what the deal is with sweets and sours.

Ok, so this little graph is to show you how continued exposure of your toofs to various beverages will destroy your enamel. Now, keep in mind that enamel is the pretty white outside part of the tooth and is also the hardest tissue in your body. I always warn people about sodas, but dang look at what Red Bull and Snapple can do to your teeth!! Remember that this is continuous exposure and not a one time thing. So if you drink  a Red Bull, your tooth will not spontaneously decay.

This next graph just makes me sad. It’s eye-opening too. Here we are comparing some of the most delicious candy out there to battery acid. First a quick review of acids and bases: things that are neutral pH have a ph of 7. if your pH is lower than 7 then you’re an acid, higher than 7 and you’re a base.  The critical number is ph 4, because that’s the level below which teeth start to break down. So any time the ph in your mouth and on your tooth goes below 4, it ain’t good.

Ok, back to why this graph is sad… all that candy is sour candy. I like sour candy. But apparently sour candy equals low pH and acidic conditions in the mouth and on your tooth.

Look up there at the Fun Dip!! That is my all time favorite childhood candy!! A stick made of sugar used to dip more sugar. What could be better?! And some fancy schmancy scientist has to go out and show that the pH it produces in your mouth is similar to battery acid. Sweet Tarts, Spree, and Starburst you all are up there too. Bummer.

The take home lesson here is that sour candy is doubly dangerous to your teeth because of the sugar content, and its ability to lower the pH in your mouth and start the breakdown of teeth.

I recently attended a continuing education course which revealed some research that demonstrated that when your mouth pH turns acidic, more more more types of bacteria that live in your mouth become cavity producers.

This is merely a friendly reminder from your Nashville dentist that sugar and sour candy can be bad for your teeth. Really bad. If you are going to enjoy this stuff, please be sure to brush and floss diligently. And don’t forget to come see me every 6 months!!

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Dental Road Trip, What Have We Learned, and Dental HQ…

I’ve always been a little jealous of my friends who get to travel for business. It’s nice to get a change of scene from time to time, and as  a dentist in Nashville I pretty much stick to the same routine, and don’t often get to venture outside the confines of my office.

Well, this past weekend I got to do a little bit of business travel to attend a little bit of continuing education in Chicago with one of the real leaders in dental research, Dr. Gordon Christensen.

Dr. Christensen is the head of a research group that evaluates dental products to test how well they work under real-life circumstances. The great thing about his research is that he doesn’t receive any funding from dental companies, so it’s much easier to be objective.

Products are evaluated by dentists around the world in clinical practice. The result is a non nonsense report on what works and what doesn’t, which new products are booms and which are busts, and what is conservative treatment and what is aggressive.

basically, ole Gord is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is kinda dentist. I’m sure some of his comments may not have set well with some other dentists out there (especially those who like to do complete and total mouth overhauls), but he’s got a lot of research backing him up. Anyway, good stuff.

I also got to report to what could be considered headquarters of the dental world here in the USA… the American Dental Association. So what exactly does the ADA do? Well, it basically is here to serve dentists and the public by regulating what is acceptable practice and what is not, evaluating products for dental health, providing information for the public about dental health, and working with government agencies to help protect the best interests of the public and the profession.

Unfortunately they were closed.

But I got to check the place out anyway and see the epicenter of the dental world. It was a tall building, not the tallest, but quite impressive. The security guard at the front desk told me that the ADA only occupies part of the building. Thanks dude. Way to burst my bubble.

So overall it was nice to get to visit a city I’ve never been to before, and to pick up a little continuing education from one of the best. Oh, and I got to do a little sight seeing with my with Kathy sans children…

Have a great week!!!