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The “Great Oz” Speaks, But He’s No Tooth “Wizard”

I am the great Oz!! But I don't know much about teeth!!!

We’ve all heard of Oprah’s prodigy Dr. Oz, right? Right. He’s got his own show which he tells the public about ways to live a healthier life. I think it’s kinda cool how he brings out organs to show how they are destroyed by smoking and bad diet. It’s fabulously gross!!


Hi. I am much healthier than you

Recently he devoted a portion of his show to teeth and the thing s that discolor them. He even picked an audience member to participate in a little game of “pick the stuff that makes your teeth yellow.” Overall I think he dished out some good advice and made it fun in the process. I think maybe we should try a game at our office, because nothing says “fun” like a tooth game.

However, I think he dropped the ball a little at the end. He revealed his natural home remedy for whitening teeth. Ok Oz, spill it… the secret is lemon juice and baking soda. Dip a cotton ball in this secret potion and apply it to your teeth and they will turn white.

Sorry, but I’m gonna ask you to click the heels of your ruby slippers and come back to reality. Methinks it won’t work, and it may even be harmful.

But Dr. McGee, it’s cheap, and Dr. Oz said so.

please don't pour lemon juice on me

Here’s the problem… he’s telling you to put a highly acidic substance on your teeth. Bad. Acid is what causes cavities. We’ve already been over this, and if he would have been keeping up like the rest of you, he would have known better. The acid in the lemon juice can erode teeth just like you see here in this photo.

The other thing about this natural home remedy is that even if the stuff wasn’t acidic, it’s not on the teeth long enough to do any good. The professional strength bleaching solution we use has to stay on the teeth at least 30 minutes to be effective, and it takes 10 days or so to get good results. I just don’t see how lemon juice on the teeth can be a good thing.

Here’s the video of Dr. Oz and has teeth whitening advice…

Naturally Whiten Teeth, Pt. 2

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You Wouldn’t Wax A Dirty Car Would You… AKA Let’s Do First Things First

I took my car to get washed today. It’s dirty. In fact, it’s pretty nasty. I took it to White Bridge Car Wash here in Nashville.

I got the #3 deal which included hot wax because I want my ride to look good rollin’ down the street. At this particular car wash, you get to watch your car get cleaned as it slowly rolls through the automatic cleaner. First, actually human beings really scrub off the large particles (in the case of my car it was the LARGE amounts of guano on the hood.) Next is the soap, and finally the hot wax. Makes it shine baby!!

I was watching the spiny brushes go round and round and kinda got zoned out and went into sort of a trance. I began to think of how car care is like tooth care. I could almost envision an auto tooth wash where mouths slowly move through a machine that makes their molars and incisors spic and span.

Then it hit me. I had an oral epiphany…

You don’t wax a dirty car.

You. Don’t. Wax. A. Dirty. Car.

“What?” you’re saying. “Excuse me? He’s lost it.”

No really. Here’s what it means… you can’t get shiny teeth until they are clean first. Ya gotta get the guano off first.

Why do I say that you ask. It’s because we see people all the time who want a white smile, but are not quite ready. There’s plaque and tartar build up all over their teeth. Yet they want a bright smile. They want to put wax on their dirty car.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures out there, but I bet that most people don’t think about getting their teeth ready for the process. You don’t want to bleach the tartar, you want to bleach the teeth. You don’t want to wax the grime, you want to wax the car. That’s why the wax is applied at the end of the car wash tunnel of love. That’s why you gotta get your teeth cleaned prior to bleaching your teeth.

So if you are considering teeth whitening, please make an appointment to get a dental cleaning, your smile will be whiter, and your teeth will thanks you for it. And if you live in Nashville, give us a call, we’ll get you all cleaned and shiny and ready to whiten.

Oh and here’s my clean shiny car…

Can You Guess the Celebrity Smile?

The Country Music Association awards are tonight in Nashville. This is a pretty big deal here in Music City and around the country. Get it… country. Anyhoo, there will be tons of celebrities strutting downtown dressed to impress in their finest attire and accessories.

As a Nashville dentist, I of course think that their most important accessory is their smile. So while most of you will be watching to see the dresses and the shoes, I’ll be checking out the grills for symmetry and the whitest whites. Maybe some of them out there have been to a cosmetic dentist to have a little, ahem… enhancement.

Ok, so I’m gonna give you all a little quiz to help you prepare to analyze smiles on the red carpet. I’m going to show you a smile, and you have to tell me which celebrity it belongs to. You can decide if they’ve had a little cosmetic dentistry to help them shine up on the stage…


The rest of your quiz can be found here…

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So how’d you do on the quiz? What makes a great smile and do you think it is the ultimate accessory?

Buying Toothpastes. So What’s the Deal?

Buying toothpaste is hard these days. There’s so many dang choices out there that it’s hard to sort through them all. Whitening. Tartar control. Enamel strengthening. I think I’ve even seen bacon flavored dental products!

A recent article has put some toothpaste to the test. Specifically those that claim to strengthen enamel. Here’s the Cliff’s Notes on that article: these toothpastes are really similar to normal-no-bells-and -whistles-attached toothpastes, they may just have a little more fluoride. So the toothpaste marketing people said “Hey, more fluoride=more enamel.”

The tricky thing about marketing and toothpastes is that there aren’t a lot of guidelines. Toothpaste is classified as a cosmetic according to the Food and Drug Administration. Now, that doesn’t mean you should rub it on oyur face to hide wrinkles, but it does mean that there is a lot of leeway when it comes to advertising. Basically, if the product doesn’t harm you, you can say just about what ever you want.

Products classified as drugs, on the other hand, must be able to prove that the treat a specific disease and are effective. It’s expensive to get your product classified as a drug. I would not want to go through the approval process.

My recommendation is to look for the American Dental Association seal of acceptance. This seal means that the product has gone through more test than you ever thought could be conducted on toothpaste, and came through with flying colors meaning it is safe an effective.

Here’s what it looks like… 

So when you are looking for dental products, just look for this seal and you’ll be good.

Now, I’ve got to design my own seal of approval…

Never Saw This One Coming…

Lately, we’ve been helping a lot of people here in Nashville get a whiter smile. I bet we’ve done more teeth whitening in 2010 than in any other year.

That means there’s a lot more people in Nashville with a whiter smile, but it also means that there may be a lot more people in Nashville with sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening, as great as it makes your smile look, can cause a great deal of teeth sensitivity as a side effect. Man, it seems we can’t do anything to teeth without a little sensitivity even if ti is temporary. Aaaah the price of beauty.

Well I have good news. It seems there was a study conducted recently that had some results that surprised me and a lot of other dentists out there.

It seems that these researchers in England were studying sensitivity after bleaching. Some of the people in the study were told to chew sugar free gum after bleaching (where do I sign up for this study) and rate their levels of sensitivity.

What they found is, are you ready for this…  the gum chewers had significantly less sensitivity. I would have never guessed that, but there you have it.

So maybe we can all chew a little gum to keep from being so sensitive…

For more information on teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, tooth sensitivity, or if you would like a stick of gum, please feel free to contact our office at           615-298-2385 or online at

So, what your favorite kind of gum? Mine’s Big Red.